Noteworthy Leadership Articles- August 2014


The Academy for Academic Leadership (AAL) provided a compilation of interesting leadership articles for August 2014. Please click on the associated link for a complete version of each article. Here are some favorites. Enjoy and bring about the leader in you! 

Emotional Intelligence: Key to Our Success 

Our relative IQ is stable during our lifetime. If we were born with a potential IQ of, say, 110, we’ll likely die with that IQ, absent an injury causing brain damage. Nor does our personality change. For example, if we are an introvert or an extrovert, we basically will always be. Let’s say I’m really an introvert at heart. I may choose to manage myself, so, for example, I decide that when I enter a crowded reception, I’ll just walk right over to speak with people even though I may be out of my comfort level. Since I know this could be helpful to me, I embolden myself in that moment, even though I am more comfortable in quieter settings.

On the other hand, our emotional intelligence skills can change and be improved. With disciplined practice, we certainly can — and should, I’d offer — build our EQ.

A humblebrag isn’t the answer 

Many individuals, especially women, struggle with achieving equilibrium between confidence and humility—another one of those life, love and leadership challenges of getting it just right by avoiding too much or too little of the extremes.

So where is the sweet spot in sharing just the right amount of personal accomplishments without stepping over into hauteur land?

We’re all familiar with the “bucket list,” a compilation of a few deeds we’d like to accomplish before we depart this mortal sphere.
But what if you came up with a Leadership Bucket List, describing acts of leadership you absolutely must carry out at least once? What would that look like?

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